“We talked to a lot of other companies ranging from small to big firms. The bigger companies seemed to be process heavy. The smaller companies didn’t seem to have enough process. Agilion was just right, the goldilocks. Our team was always informed when there were changes. Agilion’s technical knowledge and great people skills made the whole process enjoyable. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Agilion again.”
— Gary Oberbrunner, Chief Scientist, VP of Engineering at GenArts

We can custom code a solution or work with your existing code base. Our team also offers education to your current development team for provide structured management at handoff.



Agilion's development team works with you to deliver the right product. We have developed over 40 products and bring a range of experience in multiple platforms. Our team specializes in Ruby, Elixir and Ember.js to develop cutting edge products.

Agilion's development process is about transparent communication with our clients. From our daily checkins to weekly strategy sessions, we maximize our client's visibility. We involve the client every step of the way to accelerate development of your product.

Agilion provides project management with Front End and Backend development teams. As we build your product, we provide oversight and pairing for your internal team. When the project is completed, your team is ready for a successful handoff.

Since 2010, Agilion has helped teams build and create custom web applications.

We've worked on nearly 40 products ranging in industries from Healthcare, Energy, Finance & Crowdfunding, Education, Security, Realestate, Insurance and many more.


Selected Case Studies:



In 2011, Mercatus (then SCS) cofounders Haresh Patel and Tim Buchner approached Agilion with an idea to help more solar projects secure funding. Their objective was to transform Mercatus from a sales consultancy into a software product.


Within a few months Agilion launched an early version of the software, allowing Mercatus to shift resources and focus on their new business model. A year later Agilion returned to bring their energy investment management platform to the next level.





Pwnie Express gained early product validation with highly technical customers who understood how to use their hardware products for network security. When Pwnie closed their $5M series A investment to grow their business beyond a technical audience, they partnered with Agilion to design and build their software as a service platform.


Today, Pwnie leverages Agilion as a technology partner to continue extending their internal development team. The Pwn Pulse platform won an award for Awesome Product or Service of the Year and has a growing list of Fortune 500 customers.




Cofounders Kyle Clark and Aaron Pollak came to Agilion with a big vision for an online network that will reshape the way people start, collaborate and fund businesses.

Our shared objective is to transform the Designbook concept into reality.


As Designbook's technical partner, Agilion creates and adapts web-based applications to support Designbook's business model experiments. This allows Designbook to focus on community engagement, enhance their financial services and grow their brand. Through shared objectives and effort, Agilion and Designbook continue iterating on an emerging platform for people to invest time and money in businesses they are passionate about.