The Agilion Story

Your organization's core strength is what creates value for others. It is represented in the unique way you offer products and services. Our core strength is creating intuitive digital information systems to support your unique way. Together we create more value for your team, customer, investors and partners. We do this the The Agilion Way.



Our purpose is to help organizations perform better through technology.



Our beginnings

Agilion was born in 2010 with a simple idea to build web applications for companies. Over the years we helped dozens of companies conceptualize, refine and create high-quality software products.

We helped create an award winning application for Pwnie Express to monitor internet threat detections for businesses like Netflix.

We helped create an award winning application for Mercatus to transform the way energy producers invest.

We helped streamline the way entrepreuners get funded with

We helped large scale solar plants understand the performance of their systems with Draker

We helped build the creators network with

And many more.

During these years we learned many things beyond the art and science of building quality web applications.  

We learned that it is challenging and there is no single strategy to bring products to market.  Team alignment, focus, competence and flexibility is critical for creating new markets, outperforming competitors and delighting customers.

The theory of creating and running companies is easy.  It is execution during unpredictable conditions with diverse personalities that is hard.

Observing this recurring pain for organizations led us to the way we work for customers today.


Our shift to The Agilion Way

As a company grows, execution tends to slow.  

On contrast, a small team or individual can move fast through individual leadership, organization and skill using simple communication tools like google docs or a handful of applications.

However, an organization’s ability to stay simple gets harder as the team size, offerings and customers increase.  

Maintaining team alignment, workflow effectiveness and consistency gets difficult without the right processes, technology and automation.

Organizations try to solve these challenges in a few ways:

They can try building their own custom solutions in-house and manage an internal team of project managers, analysts, front-end developers, back-end developers, database architects, quality control tests, IT administrators, etc.  

They can try purchasing and customizing off the shelf tools or subscription services like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce or the thousands of other off-the-shelf applications.  These tools may do the generic 70-80% of what needs to get done.  But it usually doesn’t support the way an organization must operate to create it’s unique value.

Rarely are organizations satisfied with either of these paths.  

Most organizations begin to reach a plateau and are dealing with internal systems of hacked together workarounds, patched data integrations connecting multiple services with various levels of accuracy and timeliness.  

Some organizations continue to run on spreadsheets and manual workflows that cost their team members the opportunity to focus on their highest value activities.

We don’t think it has to be that way.

Solving the pain of helping an organization align their team and do work their way has become the unique process of what Agilion does.

We bring the best of both worlds to organizations.

We are a team that has the power to customize software to solve your exact needs, while still leveraging design constraints, pre-built components, and frameworks to bring structure, stability and best practices.

We are a team that becomes your long-term partner to maintain and evolve the application with you.  Rather than increase staff to internal systems, you may maintain fewer resources for administration and more to focus on delivering your unique value.


Our Values

  • Keep it simple

  • Effective communication

  • Care and accountability

  • Be proactive


Keep it simple.  

The ability to keep it simple in all areas creates success.  

Business basics executed brilliantly is more effective than an elaborate plan.  

Simplifying architecture and code helps projects finish faster and perform better.    

Applying design constraints and minimalist interface elements helps people focus and get the application benefits with less guidance.

Complex problems may be solved by breaking down and re-working parts into simple patterns.  

Complexity kills momentum.  Simplicity builds momentum.   

Keep your thinking simple.

Effective communication.  

To make ideas real you must be able to translate abstraction into something tangible.

Getting ideas out of your head and in-front of other people requires effective communication.

It doesn’t matter if communication is through writing, design, code or conversations.  

The principles of effective communication are the same.

Effective communication requires deep listening and comprehension of what the other is saying.  

Effective communication is clear and eliminates jargon.

Effective communication is slowing down and delivering one message at a time.

Effective communication is being direct and empathetic.   

Effective communication gets things done.

Be an effective communicator.


Care and accountability

It is a great honor to be trusted by our fellow team members, clients and partners to be able to serve them.  

There are many options and paths a person can take.   Someone choose to work with you.  Be grateful and honor that.

Take care and be accountable for their trust and always do the best you can.   

Do not waste time and energy on excuses and blame when things don’t go as planned.  Things never go exactly as planned.  

There will be thousands of micro-corrections and adjustments along the way of any given project.   It is up to you to make it happen.   

You must care deeply about the people you are serving, the work you are doing and the team that is surrounding you.  

Always care.

Always be accountable.


Be proactive

Do not complain about the circumstances of any situation.  Be proactive on seeing the end result, anticipate needs, be open to alternative solutions to problems, and work diligently to make a project success happen.  

Never settle for mediocre outcomes, but don't let perfectionism delay the delivery of something good.

Part of being proactive is to always be learning.  

Never stop acquiring the skills you need to improve yourself in your chosen profession.  

There is no finish line.  
You are on a continuous journey on the mastery path.  Staying on that path requires proactive thinking and action.


Our Proposition for you

Are you seeking to bring a diverse group of people together and align work towards a shared vision?   

Are you wanting any easier way to leverage technology to deliver on your unique way?

Lets Talk and explore how we may build an application to make it easier.