I thought I had LocalContractor.com all figured out until my Product Sprint with Agilion. The process helped me to confirm my idea and create a working prototype for user testing. By the end of the session, I had a full wire-framed prototype. This will allow me to bring it to potential users and test it.”
— Jeff Peck - Founder, LocalContractor.com

Our Product Sprint produces a clickable prototype ready for market testing. We leverage participant’s skills to confirm, design, and create a blueprint for implementation. Engaging in a product sprint reduces risk in time and money in the development timeframe.


Unpacking core problems upfront.

The process spots potential errors before diving into the cost of development. We leverage individual knowledge and expertise to focus on one concept. This will confirm your idea before approaching potential investors and customers.




In the first two weeks Agilion hosts 4-6 in-person sessions. These sessions focus on concept sketching and creating the product UX. Agilion produces a clickable mobile prototype to simulate a product interface through Invision (http://www.invisionapp.com/). In the third week we explore high-fidelity design and finish the product concept. The client walks away with a finalized prototype for market testing and potential users.